Prolonged Field Care Resources

​​What is Prolonged Field Care?

The NATO definition of Prolonged Field Care (PFC) is:

Field medical care, applied beyond ‘doctrinal planning time-lines’ by an NSOCM (NATO Special Operations Combat Medic), in order to decrease patient mortality and morbidity. Utilises limited resources, and is sustained until the patient arrives at the next appropriate level of care.

At the 2013 SOMSA, a Special Operations Working Group was formed to further discuss PFC as it relates to SOCOM.

What is the Special Operations PFC Working Group’s mission?

The USSOCOM Prolonged Field Care working group (PFC WG) develops a forum for discussion, education and training, and suggests medical efforts to better prepare Special Operations Forces for medical and operational planning, and execution of medical evaluation, treatment and evacuation, of critical and serious casualties, managed in an austere environment.

Who comprises the PFC WG?

The Working Group currently consists of over 70 unit representatives and various subject-matter experts, both in and out of the Special Operations community, who have an interest in furthering the education, training, and, ultimately, the delivery of care provided by our medics and medical personnel in austere environments. This unique collection of subject matter experts, most with years of direct experience of provision of care to SOF forces in the field, provides a solid group to develop expert recommendations and guidelines.

This website will serve as the repository for the PFC WG recommendations, position statements, educational resources, and some suggested references to advance the Special Operations community’s knowledge of PFC and assist units in their education and training.

Contact the PFC ​WG

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Position Statements

​PFC-Specific References

MSMAID - applying pre-anesthesia checklist for SOF medicine​ 

Why We Need PEEP Valves (Jan.14)

Fresh Whole Blood  (FWB) Transfusion FAQ's-December 2014

PFC WG Information Paper-Point of Care Lab Testing-December 2014​


PFC WG Recommendations

PFC WG-PFC Training​

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SOCOM PFC WG Analgesia/Sedation Comments (February, 2014)

WG Airway Recommendations (April 14)

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