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To join SOMA online, choose your membership category below. You will be prompted to create an account on the subsequent page before paying your membership fees. Individuals who would like to join but currently have an account from a prior transaction with SOMA should simply choose their membership category and Sign On with the credentials previously established. If you are not sure if you presently have an account, please search the following link before creating a new one: Find Me. Or contact the SOMA executive office at

**​All applications submitted to SOMA for membership will be reviewed by the Membership Committee for approval or disapproval of membership. The Membership Committee may disapprove a membership application for any lawful reason.​ Please allow 7-10 business days for notification of acceptance.

$150 - Medic-Military Enlisted - (enlisted military medic. 

$150 - Medic-(TEMS Medic and Medical Students) - (TEMS medic and medical students) Civilian EMT, tactical medical emergency support medics, and healthcare industry students
$225 - Professionals/RN’s/PA’s/Pharmacists - (medical professional, PA, NP, nurses, physical thereapists, allied Professional, and international practitioners who are not military medics or physicians). 
$325 - Physicians- (Allopathic [MD] and osteopathic [DO] physicians)
$125 - Emeritus- (individuals who were previously medic, professional, or physician members who have retired from professional employment because of length of service or physical disability). 
$125 - Student/Resident/Fellow- (individuals who are currently students or in resident or fellowship programs. Individuals applying for this category of membership wi​ll be required to provide the anticiapated date of his/her graduation or program completion).

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2017 Member Dues Rated & Prorated
​​​ Jan​-Mar ​Apr-Jun Jul-Sept​ Oct-Dec​
​Civilian Medic ​$150.00 ​$112.50 ​$75.00 $​37.50
​Military Medic ​$150.00 ​$112.50 ​$75.00 ​$37.50
​Physician Dues ​$325.00 ​$243.75 ​$162.50 ​$81.25
​Professional Dues ​$225.00 ​$168.75 ​$112.50 ​$56.25
Student/Resident/Fellow ​$125.00​​$93.75​$62.50​$​31.25
RETURNING Members: If your membership has lapsed and you would like to renew your SOMA membership, you may pay your SOMA membership dues by completing and returning the Renewal Form​​​ to the Executive Office. Please do not choose the Join Now option.

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SOMA accepts the following methods of payment for membership dues:
Check or money order in U.S. funds ​​Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.​​

Journal of Special Operations Medicine (JSOM) - The only indexed, peer review journal in the world dedicated to SOF medicine.

U.S. members receive a print copy of the journal quarterly and are eligible for a 20% discount to access the journal on-line. Inter- national members will receive an online subscription to the journal and are eligible for a 20% discount on printed issues of the journal.

Annual Scientific Assembly - SOMSA is the largest gathering of SOF medical providers in the world that includes, U.S. military, foreign military, domestic tactical law enforcement and tactical EMS providers.
Medic to Doctor Mentor Program - Our Second Half Initiative provides information and mentorship to SOF medics interested in attend- ing higher medical education such as medical, physician's assistant, and nursing school.
Scholarship Opportunities - Enlisted medics who join SOMA have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in cash scholarships to attend higher medical education.
Networking - SOMA membership includes an interactive forum accessible only to SOMA members.
Leadership Opportunities - SOMA has a number of work groups and committees.​
SOMA Gear - Members receive discounts on the apparel and gear from the SOMA Gear.​