Scholarship Fund

Online donations to the Scholarship fund are temporarily unavailable. 

T​​he SOMA Scholarship Fund was established to recognize the significant contributions enlisted SOF Medics have made to our country and to provide them with limited assistance to offset the costs of higher ​education.​

Scholarship funds are available to SOF-qualified SOMA members in good standing for two ​years, that are either enrolled or accepted in an accredited health/medical program.

While not intended to act as a loan, fund th​e ​full educational costs, or for use by family members and/or dependents, it does provide financial assistance to the member and allows for automatic renewal for each s​ubsequent year of an awardee's current program.  Additionally, SOMA extends complimentary membership for the duration of the scholarship​.

This financial assistance will serve as a critical bridge that allows some of our country's most capable field medical personnel to move vertically in their chosen area of expertise, therefore enhancing their ability to positively impact many more lives on a much broader scale, both in government and non-government health sectors.

At no other time has our country been in such dire need of healthcare leaders with the psychological attributes of the SOF medical community.

The Difficult Anytime. The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday. Don't Quit. Lead The Way. Free the Oppressed. That Others May live.

It is our responsibility to see to it that these operational commitments and exceptional mindsets make it to the highest levels of decision making.

You can play a crucial role. Donate today.​


SOMA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID# 58-2108832) and your donation​​
is tax deductible as a charit​able contribution.​
Medics interested in applying to receive 
​schol​ars​hip funds.​
For more information, contact Joey Hernandez, SOMA Scholarship and Awards Committee Chair.