Lifetime Membership 2.0

The SOMA Board has established a new Lifetime Membership 2.0 category to recognize members who have made sustained contributions to the Association and to combat/TEMS medicine.


  • Lifetime 2.0 Civilian Medic - $1,250
  • Lifetime 2.0 Military Medic - $1,250
  • Lifetime 2.0 Physician - $3,500
  • Lifetime 2.0 Professional - $2,500
  • Lifetime 2.0 Emeritus - $1,500

Students, Residents, and Fellows that wish to apply will be asked to select the member type they will fall under when they complete their training. 


  • Applicants must be a current SOMA member and have maintained a paid SOMA membership for at least five consecutive years prior to applying.  Exceptions may be granted for individuals that had two combat deployments during the past five years.
  • Individuals must also have completed at least one of the activities listed below and be able to provide documentation for verification:
     - Former/Current SOMA committee member
     - Former speaker
     - Former panel member
     - Former/current volunteer
     - Former/current JSOM Peer reviewer
     - Published an article(s) in the JSOM 

Lifetime 2.0 Membership Benefits

  • All of the regular annual membership benefits, minus complimentary JSOM subscription and LMS access.
  • Complimentary Scientific Assembly registration (not including labs or CME credits).
  • Lifetime/Life member pin
  • Name badge ribbon at the Scientific Assembly
  • Discounted rate for JSOM subscription (purchased separately)
  • Discounted access to the SOMed LMS


  • Lifetime membership is not retroactive.  Dues paid previously may not be applied toward the Lifetime 2.0 dues payment.
  • Applications should be submitted after completion of the fifth year of continuous membership.  For example, someone that joined SOMA in January of 2016 and has maintained their membership every year would become eligible to apply in January 2021.
  • Lifetime membership is a one-time payment. Installment payments are not currently available; the full Lifetime 2.0 membership fee must be paid within the initial Lifetime membership year.


  1. Complete the Lifetime 2.0 application.
  2. Application reviewed by Membership Committee.
  3. Member is notified, and if accepted, billed the appropriate Lifetime 2.o membership fee.
  4. Member pays the one-time, Lifetime 2.0 fee and benefits begin.

Do you qualify?  Are you interested?  Please complete the form found here to start the process.

Please contact the SOMA Executive Office should you have any questions.