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Thank you for attending SOMSA.  We are pleased to present the following presentations that have been approved to share.


*Strategic Overview: Embracing the Spectrum of SOF Medicine: Manning and Equipping to Sustain Health, Human Performance, Prehab, Resiliency, Trauma Management, Medical Care and Recovery

VADM Timothy G. Szymanski
0900-0930 SOF Combat Medic Vignettes
-Mass Casualty Triage and Mov​ement with Limited Resources
-Effective Triage During MASCAL Event​
-Subclavian Artery Transsection

Stephen Meyer

​Grant Flemming
Ethan McDonald
0930-1000 *Research Track: The Role of Technology Research in Enhancing Care in Austere Operational Environments Jeremy Pamplin
1045-1130 *Tom Deal Memorial Lecture: Go to the End of the World... Then Turn Left and Go a Bit Farther Olen Netteburg
1130-1200 *Wounded Warrior: Overcoming the Odds Israel Del Toro



International Track: A British Perspective of SOF Medicine; Standardization of TCCC across NATO Special Forces by Setting up NAEMT Training Sides LTC Robert Poole; Alan O'Brien
1400-1430 MilSOF Track: Austere Resuscitative and Surgical Care in Support of Forward Military Operations; Austere Surgery JTS CPG Jay Baker
1430-1500 *Human Performance & Resiliency Track: PrTMS Trans-cranial Stimulation to Reduce Depression/Anxiety/Insomnia Kevin Murphy
1545-1615 UW in 2019 Michael Hetzler
1615-1645 TEMS Track: Wounding Patterns in Mass Casualty Hostile Events Mike Clumpner
1645-1730 US Special Operations Command Mortality Review: 2001-2018 Russ ​Kotwal
Ed Ma​zuchowski HR​ Montgomery


Track 1: MilSOF

0800-0815 SOF Medics and Medical Direction Cord Cunningham
0815-0845 *UAV/Drone Casevac - The SOF Medical Future? Paul Parker
0845-0915 *Hypocalcemia and the ​Lethal Triad Ricky Ditzel
0915-1000 Everybody Lies - Sono Gets the Truth!; SOF Medics without Ultrasound like a Sniper without a Scope Kasia Hampton Christopher Dare
1045-1115 *Diving in Special Operations: A Special Tactics Perspective H. Leo Tanaka
1115-1145 Robotic Enabled Autonomous and Closed Loop Trauma Care in a Rucksack – TRACIR Ronald Poropatich
1145-1215 *Coffee Ground Hemostasis Justin Grisham

SOF Surgical Support by Non-Surgeons

Alex Merkle
Josh Randles

*SOF CBRN Medical Planning

Jason Lorette

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training Innovation: Objective Measurement of Learning & Performance Using AI Augmented Training Platforms & High Fidelity Trauma Simulators

Dan Irizarry
1545-1615 *Project Reach: A Gap Analysis of Telemedical Capabilities of the Special Operations Medic Grigory Charny

PACE Plan in INDOPACOM: Self-aid, Buddy-aid, and Patient Evacuation in  INDOPACOM

Andrew Oh
1645-1715 Initial In-house Critical Care Flight Paramedics Program Cord Cunningham
1630-1700 TCCC: Lessons from Brazil's Narco Drug War Leandro Castro


 Track 2: TEMS

0800-0830 Training Scars – Things We Are Doing with Simulation that May Harm Our Learners Timothy Whitaker

Medical Best Practices at Mass Casualty Hostile Events

Mike Clumpner
0930-1015 Tactical Medicine: Beyond Boundaries - The Diversity of the Calgary Metro TEMS Unit Shane Fitzpatrick Jason Zubkowski
1045-1145 AAR of The Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting Keith Murray
1145-1215 Terror in Talihina, Oklahoma Matt Drummond

RAMP Mass Casualty Triage Technique, A New Answer To An Age Old Problem

Brad Keating

Anchorage SWAT Ginami Street Barricade and Shooting - Aggregate TEMS Lessons Learned 

Seth McMillan
1530-1600 *Thaum Lung Cave Rescue in Thailand-PJ Involvement Derek Anderson
1600-1630 *Low Titer Fresh Whole Blood Transfusion Programs in TEMS Wren Nealy
1630-1715 Active Threat Response in Nashua, NH: the Process, the Plan & the Test Mark Hastings


 Track 3: Human Performance & Resiliency

0800-0830 *Tactical Performance Index (TPI) - Creating a Human Optimizing Culture Mike Sanders Christopher Brooks

*Current Concepts in Injury Prevention and Performance Maximization

Dustin Nabhan
0900-0930 *Facts, Fallacies, and the Future: What Works/What Doesn't and the Way Ahead for SOF Nutrition Nicholas Barringer

*The Acute and Chronic Cardiovascular Risks of Endurance Exercise: What the Operator Needs to Know

Francis O'Connor
1045-1115 *Pearls and Pitfalls in Addressing Common Sports Medicine Complaints in the Special Operations Athlete Scott Young
1115-1145 Neuromechanical Responsiveness in Traumatic Brain Injury Chad Prusmack
1145-1215 *Pain Management Optimization for SOF Steven Scott
1330-1400 Use of Artificial Intelligence in Biomarker Testing Chris Talley
1400-1430 *A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Neuroendocrine Dysfunction David LeMay
1430-1500 *Non-Pharmacological Sleep Modulation Jacob Collen
1545-1615 *Suicide Prevention Bryan Bacon

*"Ryan's Story" - A Warrior Who Got Left Behind

Frank Larkin


 Track 4: Medical Support Operations for UW-FID

0800-0830 Guerilla Hospitals on the Modern Day Battlefield. Jon Johnson
0830-0930 Panel: Digital Disruption in the Gray Zone: An Audience-Engaged Discussion on Phase 0-1 UW to Persist, Overcome and Prevail Joan Myers
0930-1000 UW Training and the Future of SOF Medical Missions Paul Loos
1045-1115 *Global Health Engagement in Conflict Zones- The WHO Red Book Hossam Elsharkawi
1115-1145 *CA Approach to GHE John Schwartz
1145-1215 Show Me the Money: Funding GHE and UW projects Mark Swayne
1215-1230 SOF Global Health Engagements and Combat Aviation Advisors Briefing Kenneth Beadle

*Complex Medical Operations in Conflict Zones – The Ebola Outbreak in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

William Garvelink
1400-1430 Underground Surgical Care: Syria Ahmad Tarakji
1430-1500 Planning Medical Support to UW Operations, A Medic's Perspective Justin Rapp
1545-1615 *Global Health Engagement in Asymmetric and Hybrid Conflict: Lessons from Ukraine John Quinn
1615-1715 Panel: Trojan Footprint (CA/SOCEUR) Geoffrey Washburn Jamie Riesberg


Track 5: Research Oral Presentations
0800-0820 ​Safety Analysis of a New Generation Freeze-dried Plasma Product: Report of a Completed Dose-escalation, Phase 1 Clinical Trial. Jose Cancelas

Trends in Prehospital Analgesia Administration by US Forces from 2007 through 2016

Mike April
0840-0900 Deployment of Low Titer O-Positive Whole Blood in the Prehospital Environment Randall Schaefer

Comparison of the Dart Target™ and Traditional Landmark Method for the Placement of Chest Decompression Needles in the Treatment of Tension Pneumothorax

Michael Morrison
0920-0940 The Effects of Concussion History and Resilience on Positive Psychological Outcomes in Active Special Operations Forces (SOF) Combat and Combat Support Soldiers Nikki Barczak
0940-1000 The Effects of a Novel Checklist on Self-Efficacy for Rapid Sequence Intubation Kevin Foss

Field-Deployable 'Dry Component' Approach to Resuscitation for Hemorrhagic Shock

Jennifer Richards
1105-1120 Prolonged Field Care - The U.S. Air Force Pararescue Experience Richard Luna

Skills Retention of SWAT Operators Applying the Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet

James Vretis
1140-1120 Prehospital Combat Pill Pack Administration in Iraq and Afghanistan: A Department of Defense Trauma Registry Analysis Jason Naylor
1200-1215 The Role of Oral Progenitor Cells in Wound Repair and Regeneration Lindsay Davies
1315-1330 Military Prolonged Field Care and Survival in Iraq and Afghanistan Stacy Shackelford

Movement Screening for Musculoskeletal Injury Risk: Utilization as a Surrogate for Impact Screening

Darren Hearn

Consensus-Based Recommendation for Oxygenation Targets in Critically Injured Patients

Steven Schauer
1400-1415 Norwegian Emergency Medicine System's Training and Equipment for Penetrating Injuries. A National Survey-based Study Jorgen Melau
1415-1430 First Responder Advanced Life Support Improves Outcomes in the Helicopter Transported Trauma Patient David Wampler
1430-1445 A Retrospective Review of the Respiratory Effects of Analgesic/Anxiolytic Agents Administered to Traumatically Injured Civilians in the Prehospital Setting Tasia Long
1445-1500 Description of Penetrating Trauma in Children by Age and Location: A National Trauma Database Review Joseph Kelly
1545-1600 How Telemedicine Impacts Clinical Decision and Performance In Prolonged Field Care Scenarios: A Preliminary Review Sena Veazey
1600-1615 Augmented Ultrasound Intelligence Protocol for Detection of Pneumothorax Sena Veazey

In Vitro Evaluation of RSDL® Product for Efficacy to Select Dermal Toxic Chemical Compounds

Laura Cochrane

Preparing for the Unforeseeable: Validation of a Research-driven Hemorrhage Control Training Protocol in Norway

Erik Dragset
1645-1700 The Role of NCO in Avoiding Heat-induced Adverse Health Effects of Military Recruits during Exercise Emiel Boers


Trac​k 6: International
0800-0845 Training Doctors for SOF Bartosz T​olala
Robert Poole Christian Neitzel
0845-0930 Training P​aramedics for SOF Alan O'Brien
Kyle Kotze
0930-1000 The German Approach for Training Doctors for SOF Florent Josse
1030-1130 The Localization Strategy: Self Sustainable Lifesaving Kits for Niger Swijns Stijn

Repetitive Sub-concussive Trauma in CANSOF Breachers and Snipers: A Clinical Perspective

Isabelle Vallee
1330-1400 *Review on the Prehospital Response to Terrorism Matt Pepper

*Civilian, Military Coordination and the Future of Humanitarian Response

Alex Potter
Peter Reed

*SOF CBRN Medical Planning​

Jason Lorette
1630-1700 TCCC: Lessons from Brazil's Narco Drug War Leandro Castro


0800-0830 SOCOM Medical Update David Hayes
0830-0915​ DARPA Update Matthew Hepburn
0915-1015 SOF Combat Medics Vignettes:
-Casualty Treatment of Massive Occular Hemmorage due to IED
-160th SOAR(A) CASEVAC -Lessons Learned
-The Jolo Effect

P​atrick Murphy

Damien Trout
Griffin Elzey
1030-1100 Meeting the Needs of Our Nation Round 2: Feasibility of Former SOF Medics Serving as Physician Extenders Arthur Kellerman, Dean of USUHS
1100-1130 *PFC U​pdate Jamie Riesberg
1130-1230 TCCC Update Frank Butler​