2015 SOMA Symposium

2015 SOMA Symposium

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About the Symposium

As combat operations wind down in Afghanistan for conventional forces, special operations forces face sustained conflict in immature theaters and address asymmetrical threats to stability that are outside declared theaters of active armed conflict now and for the foreseeable future. Many battlefield medical advances currently used today had their origins in the special operations community. The majority of the concepts currently prescribed in current Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines are salient examples of SOF medical techniques, tactics and procedures adopted by conventional forces.

Historically, combat medical lessons learned are often forgotten following the end of wars, only to be re-learned at great human costs at the outset of the next war. Only by collecting, synthesizing, disseminating and incorporating combat medical lessons on an on-going basis, will we be able to prepare for and maximize combat casualty survival at the onset of future large scale armed conflicts.

This Symposium provides a low cost forum for SOF and conventional forces’ medical leaders and providers to meet, exchange ideas, concepts and medical lessons learned on an annual and recurring basis in order to improve the survival, minimize the suffering and maximize the functional recovery of Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Marines serving in harm’s way.