2015 SOMA Symposium Program Presentation Handouts

2015 SOMA Symposium​​

Tuesday 15 Dec

0815-0840 Wounded Warrior Talk, Rosie Babin

0840-0915 Combat Medic Vignette Video, Ranger SFC David Lowe

0915-1000 AMEDD / MHS Senior Leader Welcome, MG Jones​

1030-1045 SOM-LL Background/Importance – COL Geracci III Corps Surgeon

1045-1115 Overview of SOF Medicine - SOCOM Surgeon and SEMA Conventional Forces

1115-1145 Special Forces Medical Lessons Learned, COL Ric Ong

1300-1330 Ranger Medical Lessons Learned, LTC Miles, MSG Conklin and MAJ Andrew Fisher

1330-1400 Special Operations Aviation Medical Lessons Learned, MAJ Brock Benedict and MAJ Kyle Faudree

1400-1430 Civil Affairs Medical Lessons Learned, LTC(P) Christine Lang and CPT Jennie Brown

1430-1500 Prolonged Field Care Lessons Learned, COL Sean Keenan

1530-1600 SOF Surgical Support: Decreasing Surgery GME Case Load and FST Capability Impact, Col (Ret) Mike Eppinger

1600-1630 Warrior Mindset, MAJ Mike Simpson

1630-1700 SOF Partnering with Civilian Universities for Performance-based Research Initiatives, COL Sean Keenan and Hank Gardner, PhD​

Wednesday 16 Dec

0800-0830 SF Medic Vignette, SFC David Lowe

0830-0900 SOF Medic Combat Development, SGM Kyle Sims

0900-0930 Prolonged Field Care Training Lessons Learned, LTC Jim Pairmore

0930-1000 Saving Lives on the Battlefield: The Golden Hour Revisited and the Gates Effect, COL (RET) Russ Kotwal

1030-1100 SOF Veterinary Support Lessons Learned (Trauma Treatment Kits for K9 and Training), LTC Chad Foster

1100-1130 Ranger Blood Program, LTC Ethan Miles

1130-1200 Freeze Dried Plasma, SGM F. Bowling

1300-1330 Saving Lives on the Battlefield: Using DOTMLPF for Battlefield Prehospital Care, COL Sam Sauer

1330-1400 Medical Simulation, SFC David Lowe

1400-1430 SOF Medic Education and Training / Center for Enhanced Performance, COL Arthur Les Campbell

1430-1500 Breaking the Stigma: Lessons in Resilience, SFC David Lowe

1530-1600 SOF to FORSCOM Medical Planning Considerations, COL Daria Putzier

1600-1700 TCCC Update & Discussion, CAPT (RET) Frank Butler​