SOMSA 2013 Handouts

SATURDAY, December 14, 2013​

SOF Medic Vignette

Keynote Speaker: The Future of Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict in a Post OIF/OEF World

Advanced Pre-hospital Resuscitation Strategies: Blood Products and Procoagulants

Live Tissue Training

Moderate to severe combat related traumatic brain injury: Present Performance and Future Improvement

Endovascular Hemorrhage Control

Cracking the Code on Pre-hospital Data

Boston Marathon Bombing 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mechanical Hemorrhage Control Devices

Rapid Return to Duty Protocol

After Aurora 

TCCC Update

Emergency Airway Management: Tools and Techniques

Extended Care: What it Means for SOF Medics

Second Half Initiative-Overview of George Washington University Clinical Health Sciences Degree Program

Extended Care Working Group-Meeting 1

Blood and Blood Products for Extended Care Operations

Evolving Thoughts on Protocols and Training for Isolated Extended Care

The Use of a Stellage Ganglion Block to Treat PTSD-Like Syndrome in SOF

Keynote Address: Historical Perspective Regarding SOF Role in Global Health Engagement, Humanitarian Assistance, and Disaster Response 

Overview of Global Health Engagement for SOF-Policies and Practices

Understanding the Health Context in Global Health Engagement

Introduction to Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Level II 

Overview of Dayton, OH Rescue Task Force Program 

Incident Command Lessons Learned and Best Practices 

Sikh Temple Active Shooter Incident Lessons Learned

Monday, December 16, 2013

Extended Care and Delayed CASEVAC Vignettes

Prolonged Critical Care Rotary Wing Evacuation in Special Operations

Medical Modernization for the Ranger Medic

Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) Update

Damage Control Resuscitation in the UK

Military Mountain Medicine 

Emerging Theater Needs-Rough Terrain Evacuation

Possibilities and Challenges in Forward Shock Resuscitation-Remote Damage Control Resuscitation

DOD Personnel Recovery System

Israeli Defense Force

Preventable Death in SOF-Suicide 

Cutting Edge T​raining for US SOF Medics 

Extended Care Working Group-Meeting 2

Following Your Passion Into Your Second Career

Humanitarian Principles and Civil-Military Coordination in Global Health Engagement

Ethics and Standards in Global Health Engagement/Healthcare in Danger

"One Health" - The Human - Animal Interface in Global health Engagement/Veterinary Stability Operations

Health in COIN and Stability Operations

Lessons in Global Health Engagement from JTF - HOA

Monitoring and Evaluation of Global Health Engagement

Rapid Health needs Assessment in the Field

Training, Education, and Career Opportunities in Global Health

Casualty Vignette

C-TECC Update

National TEMS Initiative and Standardization of Tactical Medic Training

Tricks of the Trade for the TEMS Medic

Dignitary Medicine

Excited Delirium

Watertown Manhunt

Casualty Vignette: Shootout with Boston Bombers

TEMS Program Development

Legal Issues in TEMS

Tactical Paramedicine-Driving the Canadian model

Clandestine Drug Lab Operations

Overview of Explosive Devices

Command Considerations During Terror Response

Response to the Train Bombings in Madrid

Response to the London Bombings

Evidence of Training Personnel w/Simulation & Scenario Based Immersion

Efficacy of the Abdominal Aortic Tourniquet Device for the Control of Auxiliary and Femoral Artery Blood Flow

Comparison of the Speed of Endotracheal Tube Placement Cricothyrotomy Using a Tracheal hood Versus a Bougie

Evaluation of Endotracheal Tube Cuff Pressure Response to Simulated Altitude Changes

Lessons Learned form recent Extended Care Pararescue Missions

Cadaver Lab Training (CLT) for Invasive Battlefield Procedures

Evaluation of a Novel External Pneumatic Targeted Compression Device (TCD) to Control Inguinal and Auxiliary Hemorrhage

Efficacy of a Wound Packing Trainer with Learner Biofeedback to Enhance and Assess Procedure Competency

Pre-hospital Emergency Care Evaluation of the Junctional Emergency Treatment tool with a Perfused Cadaver Model

Evaluation of an Intraoral Neuropprostheses (Mandibular Stabilization Splint) for the Reduction of Headaches and Sleep Disruption

Tactical Study of Care Originating in the Pre-hospital Environment (TASSCOPE): Pre-hospital Application of Predictor Guidelines

​​​​​​​​Remote Damage Control Resuscitation